Signing a Contract

Notarial Acts

Notary Nomads can assist with: 
• Acknowledgments • Jurats • Witnessing or Attesting signatures • Administering and taking verification of oaths or affirmations • Certifying events or acts performed • Certifying or Attesting a copy

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Notarial Acts

  • Acknowledgments & Jurats 

  • Witnessing signatures

  • Attesting Signatures

  • Administering Oaths

  • Taking Verification of Oaths

  • Certifying Events or Acts Performed

  • Certifying or Attesting a copy


*This price does not include the cost of travel

$2.50/per mile charged for one-way service.

Travel distance greater than 40 miles from Everett Mall area may incur an additional cost.

Request a quote for more information.


Mortgage Signing Acts


  • Purchases

  • Refinances

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Loan Applications & Modifications

  • Commercial

  • New Construction

Same day signing is an extra $50.

We accept eDoc assignments; provide fax-backs; operate with Mac OS and iOS platforms; and have a dual-tray, laser printer.