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Notary Public

  How Do You Find a Notary ?
We're mobile - We come to you!

If you need a notarized signature, you will find that it can be surprisingly hard to actually get it done. That's because most businesses that have notaries present reserve their services for the company's own customers. Real estate agents, lawyers, and similar firms are infamous for not making their notaries available to the public. If you do find a location with a notary public who actually deals with the public, it will often be far from you or only open at odd, inconvenient times.


Fortunately, you do not need to go find a notary. Instead, you can have one of ours come to you. This not only eliminates the hunt, but makes it so that you can schedule a convenient time and place to sign your documents. Our mobile notaries also perform related services, like witnessing signings, swearing oaths, certifying copies, and certifying that an event or act has taken place.


These offerings aren't just convenient for you personally. If you're setting up a transaction or deal with someone else, it makes it possible to handle things in a location that's convenient to both of you. This is an excellent option for real estate agents who are setting up a transaction in a house that is being bought or sold because it eliminates the need to go back to your office. Mortgage agents call for a mobile notary for the same reasons.


To have a notary public come from our location to yours, just give us a call. Make sure to tell us about anything else you may need, such as printing services or witnesses. Then, we'll be sure that everything is ready at your location and there will be no surprise issues.

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