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Mobile Notary

  When Do You Need a Notary Signing Agent?

There is no doubt that a mobile notary offers far more convenience than one who is limited to a particular office. This service allows you to get documents notarized in locations that are convenient to you, your customers, and your business partners. However, there are times when simply having your signature notarized isn't enough. You may need additional witnesses, or someone may be required for the swearing of an oath or affirmation. Then, it's time to get the upgraded services of a notary signing agent.


Mortgage agents often make use of our notary signing agent services, which cover the needs of those providing or obtaining mortgages, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), reverse mortgages, refinancings, and more. All of these transactions require signatures to be witnessed as well as notarized. Not only that, the relevant paperwork must be delivered to authorities like county offices in order to be filed and become legally binding. It is very important that everything be handled perfectly.


Importantly, a notary signing agent is not the same as a regular notary public. Signing agents must become regular notaries first, and then gain additional certification to qualify as agents. Some of this additional training involves learning what documents are present in typical loan document packages. Signing agents are also responsible for getting documents where they need to be, and this courier service is part of their rates.


Because signing agent services goes beyond basic notarization, there is a different fee scale involved. In order to control costs, you should therefore be sure whether you need a notary signing agent or a standard mobile notary when you call. We handle both types of notarization services, so either way, we are ready to serve you.

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