Legal Services

  Are Attorneys Necessary for All Legal Services?

In some areas, attorneys are needed for a huge array of legal services. However, that is not the case here in the greater Seattle area. Here, paralegal services are all you need for several law-related activities.


Drafting and proofing legal documents requires a trained eye, but you can save money and time by having this work done by paralegals. In most cases, legal contracts and other documents have set requirements, so they don't need the level of depth you would expect from someone with a Juris Doctorate degree. Instead, they simply require the services of someone who knows what she or he needs to look for. Then, you can rest assured that everything is correct. Paralegals may also file these documents for you, saving you a trip to the county offices.


Paralegals handle many other types of work, as well. You can get them to transcribe meetings and court proceedings, summarize depositions, and even help with case preparation. In fact, most law firms send their paralegals to do these things – even if they charge the full attorney's rate for the pleasure. By getting paralegal services directly, you save yourself the extreme charges while getting the same things done for you.


These legal services make it easy for individuals and small companies to take care of contracts, documents, and other such things. They also help the legal system function more efficiently by leaving the highly-involved, tougher work for attorneys to handle.


If you need paralegal services in the greater Seattle area, just call us here at Notary Nomads. We have staff who can handle all of these legal services with no problems. You'll love our efficiency and competence, and your wallet will love our prices.