Document Preparation

  Proper Document Preparation: the Key to Avoiding Future Legal Hassles

While it may be true that legal documents can theoretically be written by hand and still be binding, it is a very bad idea to use this and similar methods. That's because the actual content of the document must still meet very specific criteria in order to be properly binding. It must also be worded right, or else the legal weight of the contract may not be what you intended on. It's because of this that people use professional document preparation services.


In some stores, you may see a variety of pre-done legal packages. While these are fine for certain specific needs, the problem is that they may not cover your requirements. Instead, they work with "a majority" of cases. If you want anything to be even a little different from what the publisher anticipated, you're out of luck. Even worse, you're out of luck if you don't know exactly what you need. This means you could easily file the wrong forms or overlook an addendum – and if you do, it will cost you later.


One of the biggest benefits of professional document preparation is that it greatly reduces this sort of risk. An experienced preparer will know what is needed for a wide variety of situations and permutations, and will spot it if something unusual needs to be done.


Document preparers also typically offer the services of a notary in Seattle. This is because legal documents almost always need to be notarized, and it makes sense for the preparer to be able to do it right when the completed documents are being signed. If your documents also need witnesses, they can come along with the notary in Seattle to add their names as needed.