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Mobile Notaries & Notary Signing Agents

Notary Public & Signing Agents

Who We Are

Notary Nomads is a small, veteran-owned and -operated business with over 10-years of combined experience.  We know the best way to address your needs is to be flexible and mobile.  You no longer have to track down a notary, we provide the convenience of coming to you for your notary needs.

Signing a Contract

Notarial Acts 

Notary Nomads is mobile and available to meet where you are. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Some notarial acts we can perform are:
• Taking an acknowledgment • Witnessing or attesting signatures • Administering oaths or affirmations • Taking verification of oaths or affirmations • Certifying or attesting a copy • Certifying an event has occurred or an act has been performed.

Signing Agent 

We work closely with title & escrow companies to complete mortgage closings.

Notary Nomads has been assisting in a variety of mortgage closing matters, including:

• Purchases • Refinance • Reverse Mortgages • Hybrids • Commercial

• Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)  • New Construction

• Remote Online Notarization (RON)

 Connect with us a call today to see how we can assist.

Couple and Builder

We can come to you. Make an appointment now!

Customer Service Rep

Notary Nomads - Client Feedback

We value your input. Please use this space to share reviews about your experience or offer suggestions.

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